Joe (filceolaire) wrote,

Reccommendations for Bujold fic

I couldn't get Cryoburn so I've been reading fan fic based on Lois McMaster Bujold's VorKosigan and Chalion stories at bujold_fic and at

Then mokatiki tweeted for me about the free copy of Cryoburn (and every other Vorkosigan novel, story, drabble or comment ever written by Ms Bujold) at

Thank yoiu Moka! In return here are my reccommendations for bujold fic you might like:

An alternative universe where Diplomatic Immunity goes horribly wrong and the Cetagandans invade Barrayar, again, killing everyone else so Ivan has to step up.

How Roic got recruited as a Vorkosigam armsman and the next two posts on this blog.

Why Lady Alys wears grey

and last but not least Gregor proposes to Laisa
Tags: vorkosigan fic recs

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